What is a Corporation

A corporation is a legal person. It is separate from those who own it. It is generally separate from those who manage it.

Why Incorporate

There are many reasons or advantages to incorporate from reducing personal liability, adding credibility, the tax advantages…

Who should Incorporate

Income Thresholds, Liabilities, Capital, Property, Who can form a corporation?

Where to Incorporate

Many business owners choose to incorporate in the state in which they are conducting business. If business will be conducted in another state the corporation must..

How to Incorporate

What is the procedure for forming a corporation and what legal documents are required? Can you incorporate without an attorney? How much will it cost to form and run a corporation?

Company Types

Corporation, S Corporation, L L C, Nonprofit Corporation

Operating Formalities

Even if your corporation is run by a single person/director there are still certain formalities which must be met in order to maintain corporate status and avoid

Business Structures

The table below is a comparison of business forms and structures recognized as legal entities in most states.

Corporation FAQ

How long is the incorporation process? What is a registered agent and why do I need one? What are Articles of Incorporation? What are Bylaws?

S Corporation FAQ

What is an S Corporation? Who Should File? Who Should Not File? Electing S Corporation Income and Losses

Nonprofit FAQ

When must form 1023 be filed? How Many Directors Must My Nonprofit Corporation Have? For What Purposes May a Nonprofit Corporation be formed? What are some of the limitations imposed upon Nonprofit Corporations?


What paperwork is required to form an LLC? What are the advantages of a LLC? What are the disadvantages of a LLC? Should I choose an LLC or an S corporation? How is an LLC taxed? What is the organizational structure of an LLC?


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